The delegation of IBSSA – International Sport Federation (ISF) travelled to Israel between 6 – 11 June 2007, with the representation of the following leaders in order to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Karate Do International:

  • Prof. George POPPER, ltg. (HUN) – President of IBSSA, Executive President of IBA
  • Shihan Istv?n KELEMEN (HUN) – 8. Dan Ju Jitsu, Vice President of IBSSA ISF, Chairman of IBSSA – ISF Ju Jitsu Department, Honorary Founding member of IBSSA, International Instructor and
  • Dr. Rony KLUGER (ISR) – General Secretary of IBSSA, President of IBSSA – ISF

During the visit Shihan Istv?n KELEMEN ran a serial of seminars for local Martial Arts Instructors in the frame of IBA Ju Jutsu Section as well as in the frame of IBSSA – ISF. Some of the clinics for general Martial Artists were held in the IBA HQ Dojo hosted by IBA Rector – Prof. Rony KLUGER and some other seminars specified for Ju Jitsu students and Instructors took place at the Dojos of Sensei Eyal COHEN and Ronen ELIYAHU.




After the trainings Prof. George POPPER gave short information on the significance of IBSSA – ISF in first place in the field of training security guards, where Ju Jitsu, Karate and Krav Maga play a very important role. The President of IBSSA informed the students about the security training system of IBSSA and also reported briefly on the mutual organisation of numerous championships by IBSSA, IBSSA – ISF and IBA as a result of their fruitful cooperation.


Some official high-grade testing procedures were also organised – during the visit of Shihan Kelemen and Professor Popper – that resulted a successful testing of Sensei Eyal Cohen and Ronen Eliyahu. By the end of the seminar they both have been evaluated to IBA Ju Jitsu 5th Dan.

Appointments and recognitions: 

The last day of the visit in Israel a TV Report and Interview of the visit was prepared. During a spectacular award ceremony and in honour of the 35th Anniversary of Karate Do International – under the leadership of Prof. Rony KLUGER – Prof. George POPPER awarded Prof. Kluger with the IBSSA Honour of Merit – Golden level for his lifetime activities in the field of Martial Arts.


 Mr. Eyal COHEN and Mr. Ronen ELIYAHU have been appointed by Prof. Popper, Prof. Kluger and Shihan Kelemen as Representatives of IBSSA – ISF Ju Jitsu Department in Israel.

After the trainings and other programs the leaders of IBSSA had negotiations with Elite Alpha Ltd. Mr. Ofer ROSENMAN – General Manager of Elite Alpha Company recorded his intention to become member of IBSSA. The company is one of the best training centres of Israel, which has certification from the Israeli Police and licence to train security personnel at the highest level. They train approximately 10.000 people yearly.

18th June 2007