World Ju-Jitsu Kubudo Security Association (WJJKSA) was founded in 2012 by Soke Maurizio Silvestri 9 th Dan from Italy and president Garry Phillips 9 th Dan from England. The WJJKSA works in cooperation with the Yamato Yoshin Ryu school, headed by Soke Kazuhiro Kitada 9 th Dan Grand Master  from Japan. The two Masters Maurizio Silvestri and Garry Phillips was Direct students of Professor Robert Clarke, founder of the  World Ju-Jitsu Kubudo Federation. The Association International Headquarters is located in Liverpool England. The Association decided to preserve the original technique of the traditional ju-jitsu and at the same time develop an evolutionary process of improvement and renewal of the self-defense techniques fit for our times





Shihan Eyal Cohen 7 th Dan joined the WJJKSA in 2017 and became Official and exclusive representative of WJJKSA in Israel.



The Association scratched his flag deal with only pure martial arts and its goal is to improve and renew self-defense techniques, improve the ability of the coach to pass the techniques, engage in the philosophy of martial arts and it is equally important to create a social and Cultural experience for all teachers and students. In order to achieve these goals, the Association decided to hold 3 meetings a year, including joint seminars in England, Italy and Israel. The association is not for profit and does not deal with politics.




 An international seminar that took place in Israel in October 2018 with the participation of Soke Maurizio and his students.The pictured about  black belts training.



 An international seminar that took place in England in September 2017 and in Italy in March 2018.




 Soke Maurizio Silvestri –

 president Garry Phillips –